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Be part of the solution, not the pollution.

We really believe that even though we are a small local business, we are part of the much needed fashion revolution. We believe that we are part of the solution, instead of the pollution. Together with an increasing number of other green and sustainable brands, the revolution to shift from fast fashion to slow fashion has started. A revolution where quality is more important than quantity. It means that we believe that style is more important than chasing the latest trends. Some of our customers have used their Solitude bag day in day out, for over three years. And the bags are still in perfect condition, maybe even have become more beautiful. Furthermore, we use recycled precious metals, that can be melted and re-used endlessly. 
It’s a revolution where chasing the lowest prices isn’t number one priority anymore. Fast fashion is so cheap, because someone else is 'paying' for it. The documentary “The True Cost” highlights the serious ethical issues in the production of fast fashion: the plight of garment workers, dangerous environments, low wages and lack of basic human rights. Further down the supply chain, there are the farmers who may work with toxic chemicals that can have devastating impacts on their physical and mental health.
So let’s strengthen the slow fashion revolution together. A revolution where we recycle and reuse materials, instead of extracting resources from our oh so precious natural environment. We carefully chose where our materials come from, we make sure that our items last for years and we make everything locally in Amsterdam. 
Nevertheless, we are always learning. There is always an opportunity to grow and be more green. And we would love you to help us. If you have any cool suggestions to make our business even more sustainable, don’t hesitate to send us a message.