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Earlobe piercing

You can now get your earlobe pierced at our atelier! We use professional and sterilized equipment to pierce the earlobe (no cartilage). Whether it is you first earlobe piercing or your 3th, just book your appointment below. 

How to get your earlobe pierced?

Step 1: book your appointment 

Step 2: at your piercing appointment you can choose the earstud you want to get pierced with. The studs are made of 14k gold or titanium. We don’t pierce with earhoops, but after 6 weeks you can of course change the stud for an other piece of jewellery. 

Step 3: we mark a little dot on your earlobe with a marker and pierce with the stud of your choice.

Done! After 6 weeks you can change the stud for a piece of jewellery of your choice.


The price for getting an earlobe piercing starts from €20,- (including simple gold plated or steel studs). If you choose for 14k golden studs the price will be higher.

1 piercing (steel or gold plated stud) €20,-
2 piercings (steel or gold plated stud) €30,-

1 piercing (14k yellow gold stud) €75,-
2 piercings (14k yellow gold studs) €135,-


The earlobe piercing is relatively easy to heal. NEVER rotate your jewelry and try not to touch it during the healing process. Normally healing takes around 6 weeks.

Can I choose every part of the ear?

It is only possibly to pierce the earlobes, the lower, soft fleshy region of the ear (no cartilage). At your appointment we will examine whether there is enough space on the earlobe to add a third or forth piercing.