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Zoom Permanent Forever Bracelet - Gift Card
Zoom Permanent Forever Bracelet - Gift Card
Zoom Permanent Forever Bracelet - Gift Card

Permanent Forever Bracelet - Gift Card


YES! From now on it is possible to get your permanent Forever bracelet at our Amsterdam based atelier! Choose your favorite 14k golden chain for your Forever bracelet and we will personally weld the permanent bracelet of your choice around your wrist. There is no clasp so you can permanently wear your Forever bracelet and cherish it for a very long time. 

How to get a permanent Forever bracelet?

Step 1: buy your Forever bracelet Gift Card here online or book a Forever bracelet appointment and pay at our atelier.

Step 2: come to our atelier in Amsterdam and we measure the  perfect personal length for your Forever bracelet.

Step 3we use our special welding equipment to weld the links of you permanent bracelet together. In a flash it's done, you won't feel anything!

Permanent Forever Bracelet - Gift Card


What material are the Forever bracelets made from?

Solid gold, never plated.

The permanent Forever bracelets are made from 14k gold, so your Never ending bracelet will stay sparkly and shiney while wearing it. We don't offer the permanent bracelets in silver because silver is softer and therefore more fragile then gold. On request, we do make our Forever bracelets in 14k white gold.

Can I remove the Forever bracelet?


If for some reason you need to remove the Forever bracelet you can simply cut it off with strong normal scissors. Make sure to cut it at the small ring that connects the two ends of the chain so you don't damage the chain itself. After, we can weld it on your wrist again at our Amsterdam based atelier for a small welding fee of €10,-.

Locally made with recycled materials

Our Atelier is our our office, atelier and showroom all in one. So this is also the place were we melt, form and solder recycled gold or recycled silver into your new piece of jewellery. Once you place an order we start creating and let you know when its ready for shipping or pick up.

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On the road to circularity

"Our ultimate goal is to be completely circular; only and solely using 'old' gold and silver jewellery of our customers to make beautiful new pieces of jewellery."

More about our sustainable journey