Say YES to unique handmade wedding jewellery. 

Design your engagement ring, wedding rings or other wedding day jewellery with us or choose from our selection.

Choose from our selection of ready to order jewellery or get creative and design your jewellery together with us. How does it work? See our custom made instructions here. The options are countless. Gold, gemstones, diamonds, plain or edgy. 

Give your wedding a sustainable touch
We use recycled gold or give your "old" family gold a new destination. We can re-use and melt your gold to create a new and personal piece of jewellery. Just let us know your wishes.

Get in touch
Do you have a (vague) idea of what you want to turn into reality? Don’t hesitate, we can discuss the design together. Let us know if you like gold, diamonds or gemstones and your budget.


Who says an engagement ring needs a diamond? 
Glass stone engagement ring - 14K Gold
wedding ring engagement ring
Coral engagement ring - 14K Gold
Silver 925 Wedding rings. For him and her.
Wedding day jewellery. Pearls bracelet
Wedding day jewellery. Earrings silver 925