We make super durable jewellery.
Made to last a lifetime.

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We love an elegant and minimalistic style.
Our collection is characterized by organic shapes and timeless designs.
All items are locally made by us at our atelier in Amsterdam.

Sustainable jewellery
We make the jewellery of real & recycled 14K gold and 925 silver. We have consciously chosen to ditch gold-plated jewellery, because it will wear off eventually and the colour will inevitably fade, causing the piece of jewellery to end up in the back of your drawer.

Custom made & melting your ‘old’ gold jewellery

Next to our collection, we also make custom made jewellery. We believe that custom made will be a big part of the future of fashion. All jewellery can be fully personalized to your wishes: we can engrave fingerprints, initials, drawings, and add gorgeous gemstones to the rings necklace or bracelet of your dreams. We can even melt your 'old' family gold jewellery into a brand new design, thus recycling your precious metals into a beautiful new piece of jewellery. For a part of our production we use 'old' gold and silver jewellery from the customer him- or herself to create a new piece of jewellery. For the other part of the production, our recycled raw materials come from a Dutch supplier who purchases the metals in Germany and Italy.

Our ultimate goal is to be completely circular: only and solely using 'old' gold and silver jewellery of our customers to make beautiful new pieces of jewellery. This is unfortunately not yet possible because there are not yet enough customers that provide sufficient precious metals to us. If customers provide more gold or silver than needed for their own new jewellery, it might be possible in the future to be a completely independent, transparent and circular business. 

Durable bags & sustainable apparel 
Because we have all the tools and skills in-house, we also make durable bags, face masks and yoga activewear. The plastic-free face masks are made of left-over linen and cotton fabrics, the bags are made of overstock leather and are super durable. We have some customers that have been using their bag for over 5 years every single day, and they will hopefully use it for many more years to come. If you want to design your custom made bag with us, just send us a message. The active wear collection is made of modal fabric. The tops are reversible, double stitched, durable and very timeless. All our suppliers are based in the Netherlands. 

Your order arrives in conscious packaging
The cardboard box and cards are made of 100% recycled paper. They come from different suppliers based in the Netherlands. The filling materials paper is reused from the packaging materials we get from our silver and gold supplier. Since we are a small business this is still possible. In case this would not be possible anymore, we will choose 100% recycled paper.

For Amsterdam orders you can pick doorstep delivery. We will personally deliver your orders on our cargo-bike for an emission-free delivery within the city borders.

Any questions regarding sustainability? Feel free to send us an message


                                                     Photography by Chapter Photo, Ingrid Schoonen