Sustainability and slow fashion are the cornerstones of Solitude the Label. Our silver and leather products are made with care. We test and use our first prototypes ourselves, before they are available online. Quality is more important than quantity!
Due to its durability, we choose to work with silver and leather. 

We believe that style is more important than fashion. Fast fashion comes at a huge cost to the environment. Our minimalistic bags and subtle jewellery are a true contribution to your sustainable wardrobe.

Almost all of our bags are made of overstock leather from the industry, so no new leather has to be produced. 

Did you know that Solitude jewellery pieces are made of recycled silver and gold?
As we stand for slow fashion, we design timeless and trend-free pieces of jewellery. All jewellery is made locally by us in Amsterdam, so there was no long road to travel. We only use pure silver and gold for the jewellery we make. These materials are durable, strong and value fixed. A pretty nice fact: we use 99% recycled silver and gold.

Single use plastic is a giant polluter of this beautiful planet, thats why we do not use any plastic in packaging our bags and jewellery.
All leather bags come with a cotton dust-bag of Westford Mill and so are produced ethically and sustainably.

Any questions regarding sustainability? Feel free to send us an email.