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Permanent Forever bracelet

Get your permanent Forever bracelet now at our atelier in the city centre of Amsterdam! We offer a collection of different 14k gold chains suitable for the permanent bracelet to choose from. The permanent Forever bracelet will be welded on you wrist at our atelier, so you can cherish your permanent bracelet for a very long time. 

How to get your permanent Forever bracelet?

Step 1: book your Forever bracelet appointment at our Amsterdam base atelier or buy a permanent Forever bracelet Gift Card online.

Step 2: at your appointment you can choose your favorite chain. We measure the  perfect personal length for your Forever bracelet.

Step 3: we use our special welding equipment to weld the links of the bracelet together. In a flash it's done, you won't feel anything!


We currently offer the following chains for our permanent Forever bracelets

- 14k gold Venetian chain €140,-
- 14k gold Gourmet chain €135,-
- 14k gold Figaro chain €130,-
- 14k gold Paperclip chain €195,-

Other chains are available on request

Prices are for one bracelet

What material are the Forever bracelets made from?

The permanent Forever bracelets are made from 14k gold, so your Never ending bracelet will stay sparkly and shiny while wearing it. We don't offer the permanent bracelets in silver because silver is softer and therefore more fragile than gold. Just book your appointment and check out our collection of Forever bracelets in store.

On request, we do make our Forever bracelets in 14k white gold and 14k rose gold. Just send us an message!

Can I remove the Forever bracelet?

If for some reason you need to remove the Forever bracelet you can simply cut it off with strong normal scissors. Make sure to cut it at the small ring that connects the two ends of the chain so you don't damage the chain itself. After, we can weld it on your wrist again at our Amsterdam based atelier for a small welding fee of €10,-.

Choose your favorite chain

Zoom Permanent Forever Bracelet - Gift Card
Zoom Permanent Forever Bracelet - Gift Card
Zoom Permanent Forever Bracelet - Gift Card