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Zoom Novi Ring - Gold 14k
Zoom Novi Ring - Gold 14k
Zoom Novi Ring - Gold 14k

Novi Ring - Gold 14k


Meet our reinvented Novi ring! We adjusted the shape a bit to make it more chunky, comfortable and durable so you can cherish this ring for years to come.

The shape of this ring is made with great precision, yet it has a natural look. It's handmade by us at our atelier in Amsterdam. We first carved this ring of wax, that prototype was used to make a mould. Then we poured hot liquid gold into the mould. We make this ring, and all other jewellery, of high-quality recycled materials.

Are you looking for a more chunky version of the Novi ring? Check out our Chunky Novi ring here.

We can make the Novi Ring of your old gold or silver jewellery! How? Send us a message and we will help you. 


Material: 14K gold
Ring: 2 mm at the thickest point, 1,2 mm at thinnest point
Ring size: 15-20

Novi Ring - Gold 14k


How to measure your ringsize

Measure an existing ring

Step 1. Select a ring that properly fits your intended finger. If you don't have a ring use one of the other methodes to find out your ringsize.

Step 2. Measure the amount of millimeters on the INSIDE of the ring. If there is 16,5 millimeters on the inside of the ring, you will need to order size 16,5.

Click here for a more detailed explanation.

Measure your finger

Step 1. Order your reusable ring size strip here fore FREE. 

Step 2. Wrap the string around the intended finger. Measure the finger around 3 to 4 times in order to increase accuracy. Maybe measure in the morning and evening. 

Step 3. Read the length of the strip and use our conversion table to determine your ringsize.

Come visit our Atelier

You are welcome to get your ring size measured at our Atelier. We have a convenient & professional tool to measure your ring size. Before coming to us, just make a quick appointment here.

Shipping costs

Shipping costs

Netherlands: €3,80
Europe: €9,95
Rest of the world: €14,95
Pick-up at our atelier in Amsterdam: Free
Free shipping within The Netherlands for orders over €150,-

Jewellery care


Our jewellery is designed to last for many years to come but all precious jewellery will naturally tarnish over time. Always protect your jewellery from knocks, scratches, chemicals, sunlight and heat/cold to minimize these effects. To maintain the lustre of the precious metals clean your jewellery regularly. How? Check out our jewellery care guide here.


Whether your prefer Diamonds, Coral, Opals or other coloured gemstones we got you covered. If you take good care of your gems you will be able to enjoy them for many years to come. So make sure to check out our jewellery care guide here.

Locally made with recycled materials

Our Atelier is our our office, atelier and showroom all in one. So this is also the place were we melt, form and solder recycled gold or recycled silver into your new piece of jewellery. Once you place an order we start creating and let you know when its ready for shipping or pick up.

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On the road to circularity

"Our ultimate goal is to be completely circular; only and solely using 'old' gold and silver jewellery of our customers to make beautiful new pieces of jewellery."

More about our sustainable journey