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We are two sisters, based in Amsterdam. Amber, the oldest sister, is the one who established Solitude around seven years ago. A couple of years later, Tanée joined her. Working together as sisters is a great experience. We can be so honest with each other and have very different qualities, therefore we wonderfully complement one another.


Tanée is structured and loves to be prepared. Writing is one of her passions. She’s never afraid to ask anything. Besides working on jewellery, she loves to be busy with designing and creating bags.


Amber is very creative and goes with the flow. She is the one currently designing most of our 14K gold jewellery. She loves to take our product photos and is a great website builder.  

How it all started

As young children we were always busy with crafts. Sewing our own little cushion covers, painting and threading necklaces of little beads… Our mom is a textile artist, she is the one who taught us sewing and probably the one who inspired us to choose a creative job. We grew up near Leiden and studied in Amsterdam. Amber studied communication science and later she graduated in law. Tanée studied law and later finished her master’s degree in sustainability. All of this knowledge is so valuable to us for running our own sustainable business. Next to these studies we learned the crafts of goldsmith at Isabelle Riffon. Isabelle is a talented goldsmith based in Leiden. Her signature style is very organic. Organic shapes and textures, eternalized in precious metals. She, and some of her amazing colleagues, taught us so much. 

Boutique atelier

In het voorjaar van 2021 hebben we onze atelierwinkel in het centrum van Amsterdam geopend. Je kunt ons atelier bezoeken om de Solitude-collectie in het echt te bekijken, of om met ons aan tafel te zitten om je eigen custom-made sieraad te ontwerpen. Wij geloven dat onze persoonlijke benadering een kracht van ons bedrijf is en hopen je altijd een warm welkom te heten.

Have a good day,
Amber & Tanée

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